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Focus on saving lives we'll focus on making it easier for you

MiisPeek is a modern and simple solution for shelter and foster management.

A simple, easy-to-use shelter management tool

Developed and designed from scratch with the help of shelters just like yours

Everything you need to make a difference

Stop wasting your time with hughe spreadsheets and word documents all over the place. With MiisPeek all the shelter administrators get access to the same organized data, all the time.

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Animal database

Keep records of every animal that you've helped.

Medical records

Keep track of every surgery, vaccine and desparasitación that each fuzzball has had.

Foster management

Keep track of the animals that have found a new home.


Get more donations for your shelter.


Download spreadsheets with meaningful information about your organization.


Get a blazing fast, responsive and custom website for your organization.

We’re here to help

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